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We employ cutting edge technologies to bring wholesome, nutritious food to the table.


Anyone can cook like a culinary genius and eat their way to better health with Life3! 


Easy preparation methods enable even noob cooks to stir-fry, deep-fry, grill, boil and braise with expert ease. Our versatile formats will allow you to easily create patties, sausage fillings, balls as well as slice, strip, cube, mince, and fillet your way through every meal prep! 


Life3 products are designed to be compatible with different food cultures and your favourite cuisines. Get as creative as you like! Experiment with different recipes and enjoy the rich flavours that come with healthy, guilt-free eating.



Seeding Hope
Healthy & Nutritious

Healthy & Nutritious


Our food products are made to complement your busy lifestyles. Low in saturated fats and cholesterol, gluten-free as well as being an excellent source of protein & fibre — sounds like a superfood from the future? You can taste the future here and now.




We ensure that our food products are made from 100% plant-based ingredients and are free from artificial ingredients. All the goodness of nature, all for you.




At Life3, we believe in preserving our planet and our home for future generations. We can avoid increasing food production at the cost of the planet by making more efficient use of existing resources for greater sustainability.




Food is life, and life is food. In our quest to provide functional foods, we will not compromise on its application. Our products cater to a wide range of culinary preparation methods and food manufacturing applications.


Life3 Alternative Proteins are formulated with 100% plant-based ingredients.
Selected based on high nutritional profiles of macro and micro-nutrients, the ingredients
of this range include whole foods such as legumes and vegetables.


Life3 is also driving innovation in the area of GI-lowering ingredient alternatives that reduce the risk of diabetes. Microencapsulation technology enhances the stability and dispersibility of select bioactive ingredients to create a pleasant experience for all taste buds.

Nutritional comparison of traditional protein and Life3 Alternative Proteins
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