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What is Life3?

Life3 Biotech (Life3) is a Singaporean company that synergises knowledge in urban agriculture, biotechnology, and food science to develop sustainable functional food and beverage.

What’s the mission of Life3?

Life3 Biotech aims to promote health & wellness, reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases through natural plant-based ingredients and achieve a Farm-to-Table system that supports a sustainable future to boost Singapore’s food and nutrition security.

How are Life3 products different from other plant-based foods in the market now?


Most current plant-based foods in the market are looking to replace meat as a food source. Thus, their focus is on the texture and taste of their product, mimicking meat as much as possible.


Life3’s products are primarily functional, where the effect on human health is the highest priority.


Life3’s products are not meant to replace any food that is on the market, but as a healthier alternative to the current available options.


Life3 products are also proven to have higher nutritional value compared to conventional meat and alternative meat options on the market currently.


The main difference is that Life3’s products are in its “raw” form, while most products are already seasoned. Life3 products are more versatile in this sense and can be prepared as per raw meat for various dishes.

What is Veego?

Veego is a rich plant-based protein alternative, made with a natural blend of whole foods including legumes, grains and mushrooms; specially selected for its high nutritional quality in protein and fibre as well as low in fats. 


It contains no artificial colouring or flavouring and is free from any preservatives.

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