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CEO & Founder

What started as an R&D project at the National University of Singapore back in 2015 led Ricky Lin to incorporate Life3 Biotech as the culmination of an almost lifelong relationship with food. Growing up in a family of street food vendors, Ricky’s affinity with food began from young and continued to be shaped by his time as a competitive athlete where rigorous training and planned nutrition were important tools to remain in peak performance. This routine was further honed when he started his career with the Singapore Armed Forces; leading a range of operations to strategic planning for key supplies in food and nutrition towards the enhancement of soldier performance.


To Ricky, food is a basic need and so much more. It is also about sustenance, sustainability, culture, relationships and “an enabler to drive human life”. Endowed with such passion, Ricky firmly believes in food innovation and expects to revolutionize the way we view health, nutrition and the future of functional food.


Through Life3, he continues to champion these changes through innovation and collaboration by employing bioscience and technology, to create food suitable, especially for the Asian palate and community.

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